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Plumbers in the West Midlands



All of our plumbers are time served, experienced and competent plumbers. Whether you have a plumbing emergency such as a broken toilet or need the most complex of plumbing jobs such as replacing a boiler, we can help. 

Some aspects of plumbing can be handled by competent amateurs or DIYers. If you simply need to replace a tap washer then of course we can help but you might be able to handle it yourself. For anything more complex, we are your best bet. 

Water gets everywhere! 

If you have ever seen the damage that water can do then you know that it is not something to be messed with. A large water leak can be catastrophic as water conducts electricity exceptionally well so anything larger than the smallest leak should be treated as a home emergency. 

Emergency plumbers

If you have such an emergency, don’t wait. Call us immediately and in the unlikely event that we can’t help you, get a competent plumber to your property straight away. Turn off the electricity at the mains if there is even the slightest possibility that water could affect anything electrical and get everyone out of the property as quickly and as safely as possible

General plumbing needs

Our experienced plumbers are able to handle even the most complex of plumbing needs. Having been in the business for over 25 years, we can install toilets, handle foul and surface water drainage issues, replace entire heating systems, change radiators, fix taps, sinks, waste systems, dishwashers, washing machines and pretty much everything that needs to be plumbed. 

Bathroom plumbing

We are experienced bathroom fitters and in the time that we have been in business have installed baths, showers, jacuzzis, water heaters, bidets and everything else that is possible to plumb into a bathroom. Radiators, heated towel rails, sinks, waste disposal units, saniflow or other toilets and many other appliances and bathroom fittings have been successfully and safely installed by our experienced plumbers over many years. 

Plumbers in the West Midlands

Plumbers in the West Midlands