Kitchen Fitters in Warwick

Finding a kitchen fitter isn't as easy as you may think. There's more to fitting a kitchen than simply putting units together and screwing them to a wall!


We're genuinely passionate about fitting kitchens. We love doing our job and to us there's nothing more satisfying that seeing the look on the faces of our customers when they see the finished, fitted kitchen. 

The kitchen really is the heart of the home and it's central to everything that goes on in your home. It's a place of sanctuary, tears, comfort and so much more. Whether you are simply cooking for yourself, your family or love entertaining, the kitchen really is that important. 

It's often said that the kitchen and bathroom are the keys to selling a home so it stands to reason that you make certain that the fitter that you trust with your kitchen isn't just qualified. Of course that's important but perhaps more importantly, they should understand exactly what you are looking to achieve in your kitchen. 

The journey that our customers take when planning their kitchen does actually start, as all journeys do, with a single step. 

Ideas first

Whatever the design here's much to say about kitchen fitting.  The journey always begins with an idea. The next step is shopping around looking for whats available on the market.  The kitchen industry is growing everyday and with so much demand for kitchens new designers are always coming up with new ideas and products.

Whatever the design that you have in mind for your kitchen, one thing holds true. You usually have a pretty good idea about how you want the kitchen to look, the sort of finishes you are going to be interested in and maybe the sort of appliances or features that you will be interested to look at. We take those ideas and transform them into reality. 

In many cases, our customers will have shopped around at different kitchen showrooms, perhaps even having had some detailed drawings or a CAD (computer aided design) drawing with digital or physical representations drawn up. There are always going to be hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from. 

Having made your purchase, you may know that most kitchen companies will supply you with a "dry fit" cost integrated into the sale price.  Many of them don't tell you about the additional costs and work involved in the installation.

Among the many variables to consider are: Ripping out of the old kitchen and, perhaps most importantly the first fix. 

What is a first fix?

The first fix is the preparation and planning for the kitchen fit proper. For example, where are the power points going to be?, 

There are many factors to consider. Are there any plumbing considerations that need to be made? For example, mixer taps instead of separate taps, location of dishwasher, types of sink and associated drainage, etc. Of course this necessitates plumbing, electrical work, surface preparation for splash backs and/or tiling and also preparation of the floor in readiness for installing new or replacement flooring.

We take care of all that. When we visit, we measure the site, check against the planned kitchen and will give you a detailed quote for the kitchen fitting work that covers all of the aspects of the kitchen fit

Having been in the kitchen business for over 25 years, we know all the pitfalls that come from kitchen design and fitting the kitchen itself. We won't bore you with technical details (unless you want us to?) so we make 100% certain that every possible eventuality is taken care of down to cutting worktops, tiling, plastering and indeed anything else that is necessary

So if you are in the Warwick or Stratford on Avon area, we are here to help and here to stay. 

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